Sunday, May 01, 2016

Spider-Man meets Kamen Rider V3

I'm packing up PlaidStallions HQ for an eventual move and this fluttered across my desk, it's a Japanese post card for the Toei Spider-Man series and for some reason, they included Kamen Rider V3. I prize it dearly.

I've had this card since highschool, it was gifted to me by fellow toy collector and friend John McGonagle (sadly no longer with us). He just threw it in a box as a surprise and it blew my mind, I called John to ask what it was and he said "It's the Japanese TV series of Spider-Man, I think the other guy is called The Fly"

That simple nicety set me off in a milllion directions, I wanted to know more about these characters, were there toys? How could I watch these shows? What else is out there? It was like he gave me a corner of a treasure map.

It's a hunger that's never satisfied but that's also because it's been a world of fun. So thank you John, for showing me how to not only be a good collector but also for being a friend to a teenage kid with a billion questions. 

This post card means a lot to me and will be on my desk in my next home, wherever that may be...

Friday, April 29, 2016

When the Jedi Return: Make sure your troops are ready

I love this neat British Ad for Palitoy UK, who were pretty confident they were going to sell football fields full of Star Wars toys (psssst they did).

I'm especially smitten with these drawings of the figures which are there because the ad was placed so far in advance of the film.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Battlestar Galactica: The Big One for 79/80?

This is an article from a UK toy industry magazine, I love stuff like this, nobody wanted to get caught with their pants down like they all did with Star Wars. As a result,  Battlestar Galactica was taken very seriously by retailers, at least for a little while.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sash! Ah-ahhhhhh!

"This planet has frighteningly low levels of chill, Dr. Boogie, we have to help make it copacetic at once!"

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Book Project: Mall of Justice

It seems fitting that on the site's tenth birthday to announce my second book. After the wonderful experience and success of Rack Toys, I am ready to start on Mall of Justice : Recollections of Meeting our Heroes.

Mall of Justice is a love letter to the sensational personal appearances of our comic book, TV, movie and toy icons during the 1970s and 80s.

Whether it's Adam West at a car show, He-Man at a Toys R Us opening or an ersatz Chewbacca at a stereo store, Mall of Justice melds vintage photos with childhood recollection of these epic meetings.

While I will design and eventually publish the book (via PlaidStallions Press), it's a project we can all get involved with!

How you can get involved: I'm looking for your photos and your recollections! Even if you've submitted them to the site before, I would likely need higher resolution and I'd want to talk to you.

What am i looking for: Appearances of costumed characters during the 1970s and 80s, be they from comic books (Batman, the Hulk) , cartoons (, toy lines (Masters of the Universe, GI Joe)  or movies (Planet of the Apes, Star Wars) , a date and place and a description of how you felt meeting these iconic characters. Did you think they were real? 

Does it have to specifically be in a mall: 
HECK NO! Car shows, county fairs, grocery stores, heck I'd even accept birthday party shots. It's all fair game.

Download the PDF Concept booklet for Mall of Justice Here.

Download a PDF Here.

Check out a Little Flip Book Here.

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you'll share your experiences with me!

Hasbro Super Joe Concept Art

Long ago, I saw these amazing pieces of original Super Joe concept art on Ebay, I regretted not putting a bid in and never got even proper shots of them for the site.

As luck would have it, the winner of the auction was none other than my pal John "Toyzilla" Marshall and he graciously offered to share them with the world.

These pieces appear to be drawn by comics legend Nick Cardy and depict Super Joe punching out what I can only guess is a rough concept of Gor: King of the Terrons. 

He's Joe and early version of the Shield knocking the wind out of Gor again. I can't say enough about this great artwork, I'm smitten.

Thanks again to John for this awesome share. Nothing like some newly discovered 70s joy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Famous Cossack Shirt

The gold version of this shirt is the #1 clothing choice of guys trying to kill Matt Helm.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Star Wars X Wing Aces

Kenner X Wing Aces

While I'm not the world's biggest Star Wars guy, I am kind of surprised to have zero memory of this wonderfully low tech game.

Admittedly as a kid, I dumped all other toys into the "Not Action Figures" section, this one draws a complete blank. This is probably the fault of old age or booze, either way i don't want the answer.


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